All The Best Sarah!

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Our recruitment officer and Hadleigh/East Bergholt team leader Sarah has her last day with us today before going on maternity leave to have her first baby.  Sarah is planning on returning to us after her leave but given that Sarah has been an employee at Nayland Care for five years we decided to make a bit of a fuss of her and celebrate her last day with us.

We ordered a custom cake from Yvonne, an ex employee who has a real gift for making custom cakes (lovely it was too).  Our staff made a HUGE effort and raised a collection of over £200 with which we got her a lovely baby pram Pandora charm and some Mothercare vouchers.  Thank you to all of you who made a contribution.  We also got some non alcoholic bubbly and some nibbles to show Sarah how much we will miss her but at the same time we are excited for her to be beginning the wonderful journey that is parenthood.  We don’t know whether the baby is a boy or girl but we have our bets on. We will keep you updated.

Sarah’s maternity cover is Vicky Withey.  Vicky will be dealing with most of Sarah’s duties including rotas and recruitment.  Please feel free to give her a call if you would like to discuss anything with her.  Vicky is an experienced support worker and has been shadowing Sarah since November to get to grips with how Sarah ensures our recruitment and rota’s run like clockwork.

All the best Sarah to you and your family and a warm welcome to Vicky.


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