How do I find out about arranging care for myself or someone else?

The easiest place to start is by phoning us for a brief discussion about what you or your loved one’s care needs are. After talking to us we can arrange a visit to develop a personalised care plan and arrange a date for it to begin. If you are waiting for a date for hospital discharge don’t worry, we are very used to this and will work with you.

How much will care cost?

This depends on how much support you require and if you are entitled to any financial assistance. Please see our funding page to find out if you might be entitled to any help with care costs.

If you are not entitled to any help with funding your care you can arrange your care privately with us. If this is something you would like to talk about with one of our team then contact us today.

If I have a care plan in place can I bank or save my hours if I don’t use them?

Yes, we can be flexible with your care needs. For example if you don’t need a visit from us that you normally would you can either cancel your visit, with notice or save the time you would have had and use it when you need to.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay your bill by cheque or by BACS payment. We are able to accept cash payments however we would not recommend that cash is sent by post.

What happens if I no longer want or need the service?

Your care plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure that you are getting as much or as little care as you need. If there comes a time when you feel that you no longer need us you can cancel the service. There is a seven day notice period for this.

How do I make a complaint about the service?

We welcome the views of everyone who uses or interacts with our service and we take all comments or complaints very seriously at Nayland Care. Please see our complaints procedure page if you would like to make a complaint about any aspect of the service.

What career opportunities are available?

Health and social care is a rewarding sector to work in and it doesn’t come much more rewarding than providing excellent standards of care to people living in their own homes. If you are interested in becoming part of our team please see our careers and opportunities page for information on how to apply.