We’re expanding into Felixstowe!

Time for care

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Our new home care round in Felixstowe starts on Monday 18th November 2019. Tracey and Chelsey have been out in Felixstowe meeting our new customers to put together their person centred care plans before their care starts next week. This will be followed up with a full handover to the Felixstowe care team.  They are really excited about taking on this new challenge and we know they will do a great job at raising our profile locally. Our care team is local to the area and are long-standing members of staff who have been working on our Woodbridge rounds so not only are they familiar with our ways of working, they are familiar with the local area too.

Our new customers have diverse needs in terms of the support they require from us but that’s what we excel at.  We hope to build the area up further over the coming months and as such we are keen to hear from people who wish to apply for our community healthcare assistant role for Felixstowe.

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at local community links and support hubs that we can connect our new customers to.  It’s really important to most people that they feel connected to their local community and we have already established some links to some fantastic community groups that we can make contact with.

We’re looking forward to seeing what new challenges and stories our Felixstowe round brings us. Please contact us if you would like any further information.