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Personalised, High-Quality Home Care Support in Suffolk & Essex

There’s only one thing more precious than time and that’s how we choose to spend it. That’s why we make sure every second that Nayland Care spends with you in your own home and local community through our home care agency services in Suffolk & Essex helps you to live well.

We can’t turn back the clock, but we can help you lead a full and happy life. After all, we understand that our own homes are often where we feel most comfortable and secure, and for good reason.

Compassionate, Professional Carers With Bespoke Care Services

Whether you’re thinking about support for yourself at home or on behalf of a loved one, you can trust Nayland Care to provide a high standard of home care support. All of our carers build plans that are tailored to individual wellbeing, lifestyle and home care needs. Our home care agency support may be for personal care or simply for companionship; and even a combination of the two. Our home care visits range from 30 minutes up to an entire day depending on how much home care you wish to have.

Your support plan is guided by you

Regardless of your age or health condition, your home care support plan is guided by what you want, rather than what we think you need. We listen to you and your family to truly understand what makes you happy. We focus on all the positives of what you can do, and from there, create a home care support plan to help you reach your goals, regardless of how small or big they may be.

Our experienced compassionate home carers will help you make adjustments in your weekly routine so that you are able to enjoy life and be as independent as possible.


A renewed sense
of energy

Living with a disability is challenging but with Nayland Care on board, our lives are so much easier and enjoyable. Nayland Care are not just our care team, they are most definitely our friends – a friendship that goes above and beyond our expectations.

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Why Choose our Home Care Agency?

  1. We Have Time for Care

    The time we spend with you should always be meeting your home care needs and provide added-value to your life.
  2. We Value You

    You will never feel like just another client. Your home carer will be someone you can trust to support you to live happily at home.
  3. We Believe in Choice

    You retain the choice to live life your way, with our home carers stepping in to give you the home care support to do just this.
Our Client Stories
Home Care Agency in Ipswich & Suffolk called Nayland Care

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We appreciate that deciding to have care at home yourself or arranging visits for a loved one is a big decision. This is one of the reasons why we keep our pricing structure simple and transparent.

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What our Home Care Clients say


I wish to record my sincere appreciation of the care I have received from the Nayland team during the last three months.  Their practical care and helpful suggestions have been institutional in the progress I have made towards recovery.  If in the future I or anyone I know is seeking care I should recommend them without hesitation

Mrs G Coley - Nayland

I would like to write on behalf of the family to give our thanks to the team who looked after Kay so well. Had it not been for their excellent care she would not have been able to live independently for as long as she did. Special thanks go to Karen who went above and beyond her role in supporting Kay.

Liz & Family -

I would like to say thank you for everything you did for my husband Don in the last two months before his passing. He was able to be cared for at home with dignity, in the place he was most comfortable. He was able to enjoy the cheerful interaction with carers and I was able to take half an hour off now and then to relax.

Lyn - Wife of Don

Nayland Care is totally on the ball with what’s happening with June and always has time to answer any questions we might have regarding her care. They keep us updated and informed of any changes she feels we need to be aware of.

Ellen & Steve -

Bob has been my carer for some time now. He is kind and considerate. When he arrives, he has always got a smile for you. Nothing is too much trouble. He has listened to my problems. The day would not be the same without him.

Dotty, a Nayland Care client -

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Update on Covid 19

We know the situation around COVID-19 is a great cause of worry for many, particularly for those who are shielding from the virus.  We feel it is necessary to add some reassurance to you about the measures we’re taking to protect our customers and homecare workers from the transmission of the virus.

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Nayland Care Agency FAQs

What is home care?

Home care, often referred to as domiciliary care, is sometimes described as home help. Essentially, it is where a carer visits you in your home when you need extra help and support to live independently. A home carer may help you with personal care, home help, administering medication or they may accompany you out and about. A person-centred care plan will take into account your wishes and needs to make sure you can live a comfortable and fulfilling life at home.

Why choose a home care agency?

People choose to enlist the help of a home care agency for several reasons. Sometimes, a relative or friend may struggle to cope with looking after a loved one. Family members may live too far away or have conflicting commitments. Having a home care agency they can trust to provide a high standard of personalised home care support can be a great source of comfort. The person being cared for may prefer the support of an independent carer too, especially with regards to personal care and home help. In Nayland Care’s view, a good home care agency should be person-centred and promote independence.

What are the benefits of choosing a CQC registered care provider?

There are many benefits to choosing a CQC registered home care care provider over a non-registered service. Registered CQC care providers are audited and accountable to the relevant legislation. This is particularly important with personal care and medication where specialist training is needed to provide it safely.

People with personal budgets may feel tempted to opt for an unregistered provider due to lower hourly rates, but this can come with inherent risk. There is no overall accountability, meaning there are no checks and processes in place to ensure the person being cared for is safe from abuse, harm, and neglect.

Then there is the financial responsibility that also comes with hiring a non-registered home care provider. You will have to make sure the carer is paid, they have the correct insurance cover, sort out any pension contributions, holiday pay and resolve tax discrepancies. If they are ill and unable to make their appointments with you, you will also have to arrange cover.

With a CQC registered home care provider such as Nayland Care, you have none of these worries.

What are the different types of home care services?

Most people’s care will involve a blend of different home care services, depending on an assessment of their needs and how they wish to be supported. There are six main home care services. These include personal care, medication support, companionship care, palliative care, domestic home help and specialist home care (including dementia care).

What are the advantages of home care compared to a care home?

It’s important to remember that a full assessment of need should always be undertaken when deciding whether a care home or home care is the best option for somebody. Everybody’s care needs are different. Though, there are many benefits to having home care support rather than choosing a care home.

Being at home promotes a strong sense of wellbeing. After all, it is quite often where a person feels most comfortable and secure. If supported with the correct home care plan, many people can live independently who may otherwise have gone into residential care.

Home care is much less costly than care home fees that can quickly run into thousands, depending on how care is being funded.

What are the benefits of home care services in Suffolk & Essex?

Home care is very flexible and, if person-centred, can give a person a renewed sense of self-confidence in living well at home.
Home care is very flexible. You might need a carer only an hour per week or for several hours per day. It can also be dialled up or down depending on an individual’s care needs.

Home care can also provide much needed companionship for those feeling a little isolated and lonely. A regular, smiling face from a trusted carer can be incredibly reassuring and comforting.

With person-centred home care support, an individual is supported to adjust their weekly routine so that they can enjoy life and live as independently as possible.