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We don’t have the power to turn back time or change a person’s health. But as a person-centered domiciliary care agency spanning Essex and Suffolk, there’s a lot we can do.

By focusing on what you are able to do, rather than what you can’t, our domiciliary carers can enrich your life and help make living at home not only possible but enjoyable and fulfilling.

At Nayland Care, there is no standard care service. Having time for care means that everything we do is driven by the care you want to receive, rather than what our carers think you need.

Quite simply, our vision is to provide all our clients with excellent care by applying the following care standards

Always having time for care
Treating people as unique individuals
Making sure that care plans are always person centred
Encouraging people to have choice and control over their care and support
Respecting privacy and dignity at all times
Listening to what people have to say and responding to their needs
Laughter and happiness

Our Story

When Managing Director, Yvette Connor set up Nayland Care as a domiciliary care agency, she knew she would be able to make a difference. But she never quite imagined how successful Nayland Care would become.

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Our Compassionate Approach to
Domiciliary Care

We always start with an assessment of needs, which is a legal requirement for domiciliary care and support providers. Where another domiciliary care agency may look at what you are unable to do, we take a different approach.

Being a person-centred domiciliary care agency, we ask you to share with us what you would like to be able to do. It could be that you want to be more socially active and make new friends, want the reassurance you’re taking your medication correctly, or have complex care needs that need to be attended to. We take the time to understand what your goals are, however small. This is all part of enabling you to lead a happy and fulfilling life at home.

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Your Domiciliary Care Plan

From there, we create a domiciliary care support plan that takes account of your specific care needs and wants. Your plan is easily accessible by you. If you would like it to be, it can be shared with family members too.

As part of your continual support, your domiciliary care plan changes as you change, or as your wishes alter. Many of our clients find that with our support they grow in confidence and do things they didn’t think they would be able to do.

For others with more complex care needs, their health may change over time. That’s why we regularly review your domiciliary care plan to make sure it is meeting your care needs.

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Our Standards

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

As a registered care agency, Nayland Care is expected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to meet certain standards.

We use the standards clearly set out by the CQC as a baseline for the quality of service we offer. But delivering a high quality of domiciliary care goes further than this. We are well aware that a domiciliary care agency can meet CQC standards, yet this doesn’t automatically mean their clients are happy.

It’s important to us that our standards remain over and above the level of care expected of us. Therefore we monitor the quality of our domiciliary care through regular surveys, quarterly reviews, supervisions and observations, monthly audits, and annual appraisals.

Key lines of Enquiry

We also hold KLoE (Key Lines of Enquiry: Safe, Effective, Caring, Well-Led and Responsive) audits every 2 months, with a final full KLoE review taking place in the last 2 months of the year. KLoE forms are signed by our Director and compiled into folders along with requisite Action Plans. This self-assessment is done to ensure that we are maintaining our CQC rating of ‘Good’ and that improvements are constantly being made to our domiciliary care agency services.

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We appreciate that deciding to have care at home yourself or arranging visits for a loved one is a big decision. This is one of the reasons why we keep our pricing structure simple and transparent.

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