We Need Your Feedback

Time for care

Your Feedback Helps us to Evolve and Improve

Nayland Care takes its responsibility to provide high quality, person centred care very seriously.  We know that in order for us to deliver on our promise to make time for care that your feedback is vital to help us assess the service and continue to improve.  As a ‘Good’ rated care provider by the CQC we are already very proud of the great work our care teams do each and every day.  That doesnt mean however, that we stop seeing where things could be better.  This week commencing Monday 24th May 2021 our valued customers are being sent a quality assurance survey.  We would truly appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey and return it to us before Monday 22nd June 2021.  For us, this is not just a box ticking exercise.  We promise to read each and every survey that is returned and provide action plans based on the information we receive back from you.  We will share our results with you once we have finalised our report.

We have also sent out our latest edition of the customer newsletter along with the survey.  This newsletter contains an update on our response to the Covid-19 situation, some helpful tips on keeping safe in the warmer weather (when it eventually comes, we remain hopeful that its just around the corner) and a really tasty recipe for your to try.  If you give the recipe a try why not send us a picture of the end result? We would love to see them.

We look forward to receiving your completed surveys over the coming weeks.