Support to Live at Home

Have you ever thought about a career in care?

Across Suffolk, many people need extra help to live independently in their own homes. A career in care allows you to support people to meet their needs and achieve their goals. You can help someone adjust to the challenges that are preventing them from being independent in their own home and all you need is the desire to make a difference in your community. You will have the opportunity to forge relationships with people who have lived and are living fascinating lives, helping them to fulfil everyday tasks and deliver personal care.

There are many opportunities for you to progress if you choose a career in care. There really is no limit when it comes to the number of people you can help. Whether you want to get involved in supporting the people in your local community, go on to train as a social worker, or one day manage your own care company, starting your career as a carer is a great way to learn more about the industry. A career in care will develop your professional and personal skills and will serve as a great foundation for whatever you want to do in the future.

If you think a career in care may be for you, a family member or a friend, please contact us.